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Shikumen is the most representative of Shanghai Heritage Architecture, it is combining the traits of southern Chinese dwellings and Western row house. Shikumen is local, colonial , modern and colorful. 

72 Tenants was a well-known drama from Shanghai. It is a story of tenants from all walks of life – doctor, dance girl, tailor, bread baker, launder, candy peddler, cigarette vendor, cobbler, landlord, and police, etc., living together in a Shikumen (Stone-gated architecture) community in the 1930’s.

Nowadays, Shikumen still gather new and old; rich and poor;  North and South; East and West;  Local and outside.  They speak different dialect and live behind the modern buildings, enjoy the unique “ shanghai courtyards” lifestyle. 

The concept of “Art–72rooms” comes from the part of symbolic of old Shanghai “Shikumen” & “72 tenants”. 

The “Art-72rooms” project is to create a new story of 72 tenants in Shikumen, with a wide range of looks of art. 

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