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Art-72rooms Fair will be held in June 2019 at the YiNongMeiYu Hotel in Shanghai.

Before completing the application form, please read the following Terms carefully:



1.  Welcome original works and independent artists of any form and nationality.

2. All applications will be reviewed by a selected committee.

3.  The list of selected applicants will be published on our website January, 2019.

4. Fill in the application form and send to info@art-72rooms

[Link Below]

5.  Why apply for Art-72rooms Fair?

Create a concern
Your work will be shared many times at our social network, with huge numbers of the art audience in China, giving you lot of opportunities to build up your social concerns and business market.

Enter the Popular Choice Award
One candidate for the fair will be kept for winner of the popular choice award. The most votes from all audiences will become the winner.

Alliance pre-sale plan
We will hold pre-sale special events consisting of entrepreneurs/galleries/collectors/hotel management companies/large design companies/large home improvement companies, etc.


6.  Application process

Once you submit the form, you will formally enter the Art-72rooms Fair 2019. You can apply from March 25, 2018.

Please describe the layout of your exhibition, how to install it, the description of the work and the website in the application. All this information will be posted on our website.
We need you a brief self-introduction, an exhibition list, and your 3 photos of works.

Please make sure that your image has a resolution ratio of 72dpi and the size of the image should be between 600 - 1200 pixels.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Application Form
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